How to Style a Denim Skirt: 10 Easy Outfit Ideas for Any Occasion

Figuring out how to style a denim skirt should be easy; after all, you wear jeans all the time. But in reality, getting it right can take some serious trial and error—and that’s where we come in. We’re fans of denim here at Glamour, and our editors have been collecting outfit inspiration around the all-American staple for years.

Denim skirts are very much on trend for 2024, with fashion insiders and celebrities like Gisele Bündchen, Taylor Swift, and Anne Hathaway giving them a shot in recent months. That’s not to say they aren’t timeless, though; no matter your length or wash of choice, jean skirts have always projected a relaxed elegance. (When they’re styled correctly, that is.)

When in doubt, pair the skirts with everything you’d wear alongside wide-leg jeans or high-waisted denim: hardworking basics like white T-shirts, leather loafers, tank tops, and white sneakers. But as we’re about to show you, there’s plenty of room to get more creative with cardigans, jerseys, and matching denim. Here’s how to style a denim skirt 10 ways, according to style editors.

1. Denim skirt + button-down

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Need an easy, high-impact outfit you can throw on in seconds? Just reach for the wardrobe essentials you already wear on the regular. All you need here is a white button-down and any ballet flats; if you want to take your layering game to another level, add a tank top and crew socks for a preppy, low-key look. Done!

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Everlane The Organic Cotton Cutaway Tank

Madewell The Greta Ballet Flat

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2. Denim skirt + jersey

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