Amazon’s Fallout has been renewed for season 2

Just a week after the show first premiered, Amazon has confirmed that there’s more of its live-action Fallout series on the way. As of now there are no details available other than the fact that the show has been renewed for season 2.

While there are no specific numbers about how well the show has done on Prime Video, Amazon says that “in its first four days, the high-octane fueled series has become a hit with its global audience, ranking among the service’s top three most-watched titles ever and the most-watched season globally since Rings of Power.” The aforementioned Lord of the Rings show premiered back in 2022.

Set in LA, Amazon’s take on Fallout is told through three different perspectives: vault dweller Lucy (Ella Purnell), Brotherhood of Steel member Maximus (Aaron Moten), and The Ghoul (Walton Goggins). Instead of a direct adaptation of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG, it’s a new story set in the same universe. “Just like a player of the video game, we go down paths that interest us,” executive producer Graham Wagner told The Verge. “And we hope that those are shared interests.”


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