We Put Tracy’s Dog New OG 3 Vibrator To The Test

After taking a slight breather, both to let my surprise and sensitivity subside, I went back in for round two. This time, I flipped through the various vibration patterns and intensities like I was browsing a playlist, discovering which ones I preferred to skip, and which ones really got me going. Once I locked into that just right rhythm, I found myself careening towards a second toe-curling, sheet-clutching orgasm.

It’s worth noting that once you get past some of the more gentle settings, it feels a little less like a sucking sensation and more like a vibrator — which isn’t a bad thing, especially if you prefer something with a little more power. What’s also great is, because the device encircles the clit rather than applying direct pressure, it can be ideal for anyone who tends to get overstimulated quickly. 

One of the things I also love about the Tracy’s Dog OG 3 is just how many ways you can personalize it to your pleasure. Everyone’s anatomy and preferences are different — the brand seems to not only recognize that, but also embrace it. They worked with sex therapists and relationship experts to develop the OG 3, even introducing two different shapes of silicone tips, so you can use whichever one fits comfortably on your clit. Fun fact: These interchangeable tips are also awesome for nipple play. 

While the brand advertises it as a 2-in-1 toy, I actually consider this more like a 3-in-1. You have your clit stimulator, your vibrating wand, and when you combine them, it becomes a dual-stimulator — truly, it covers all your classic vibrator bases. Whether the wand is attached or working solo, the clit stimulator actually functions as a remote, and you can similarly cycle through the aforementioned 10 different vibration modes. The wand can bend to any shape you please for external or internal stimulation, including to a curve to stroke your G-spot. 

What I found really cool about this wand is it features two separate motors — one on either side. Using the remote, you can either turn both sides on, focus on one end, or pivot between the two, a thoughtful design allows the toy to be wildly customizable. 

Personally, I don’t love excessive internal vibration — but using the motor on the external side gave me just enough extra zhush for mind-blowing dual stimulation. If you’ve ever experienced the utter bliss of having a partner go down on you while expertly stroking your G-spot — this configuration is calling your name. 


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