‘The Daily Show’ mocks Trump with 5 minutes of brutal trial jokes

Trump’s first criminal trial is ongoing in New York, and The Daily Show — who are never adverse to making a joke or two about the former president — were on hand with the big updates. But first, a reminder that the former president is facing multiple criminal and civil cases.

“Before we get into Trump’s trial, let’s be clear about which trial this is,” says host Dulcé Sloan in the clip above. “Is it the classified documents trial? No. Is it the January 6 trial? No. The Georgia RICO trial? No. The sexual assault defamation trial? No. The real estate trial? No. It’s the porn money hush love sex music trial. This dude treats criminal charges like Pokémon — he’s trying to catch them all.”

Shortly after that Sloan recapped the jury selection process, much of which was spent going though prospective jurors’ old social media posts to see if they’d said anything about Trump — and which turned out to include a slew of memes mocking the former president.

Damn, this court is roasting Donald Trump!” Sloan says. “I thought this was a courthouse, not a high school cafeteria.”

For more Daily Show coverage of Trump’s fraud cause, you can also watch Jon Stewart’s breakdown from Monday.

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