New Music Friday: Stream new projects from TisaKorean, Fabiana Palladino, Vegyn, and more

At his best, TisaKorean sounds like the most successful class clown American public schools have ever produced — well-dressed, well-funded, and well-beloved by beautiful women. And in another, better universe, MUMU 8818 might serve as the soundtrack to a raunchy coming-of-age comedy a la Superbad, brightly earnest and slightly off-kilter.

“JOCKIN ME” brings to mind the sproingy steel drums of Super Mario Sunshine; the insistent bleeps of “WRESTLER” recall the heyday of Sicko Mobb, and Tisa stomps through the clattering production with a grin. Elsewhere, MUMU 8818 elaborates on the wheezing synths and mesmerizing melodies of “Backseat,” an ode to vehicular intercourse that found new audiences last year thanks to its inclusion on Don Toliver’s 2023 album Love Sick.

That’s most evident in the squeaky promise of “SILLY NIGHT,” where Tisa’s over-articulated verses devolve into mush, a stack of vocals alternately harmonizing and overlapping. But it also comes through on “8818,” where Tisa channels the spirit of 808s & Heartbreak to delirious effect, as if he got tired of remixing 2006 and moved on to 2009. It’s an unusually somber moment from one of rap’s merriest rhymers. — Vivian Medithi

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