Hannah Waddingham Politely but Firmly Told Off a Sexist Photographer

Even celebrities have to call out catcallers. Hannah Waddingham, star of shows like Ted Lasso and Game of Thrones, was minding her business in a beautiful one-shouldered lavender beaded gown at the Olivier Awards in London on April 14, posing confidently and electing not to stick her leg out of the dress’s side slit. Because, like, it’s her choice how much to reveal, and she will show leg if she wants to, as she did at the SAG Awards.

However, in a video captured by a fan and posted to Twitter, a photographer at the event apparently asked her to “show me leg,” prompting this perfectly British takedown: “Oh my god. You’d never say that to a man, my friend. Don’t be a dick, otherwise I’ll move off. Don’t say, ‘Show me leg.’ No.”

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Muh-thur. The one finger up, the smile, the “my friend,” the fact that she could clearly snap your neck if she so desired. She’s so polite, and she’s so not f-cking around. Let us not forget, this is the woman who put Cersei Lannister in her place! Shame on the photographer, shame.

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