Costco Is Having a Big Sale on Outdoor Gear. Don’t Miss These 5 Discounts

Getting a Costco membership could be one of the smartest financial decisions you ever make. Not only do you get the opportunity to save on groceries and household items, but you also get access to special seasonal discounts that can help you budget for purchases you might not otherwise afford.

During spring and summer, for example, Costco frequently runs epic savings events on outdoor equipment, furniture, and hiking gear. Often, these discounts are for big purchases, not bulk products or grocery items you’d purchase monthly. In fact, from April 15 through April 19, Costco is running a sale on certain outdoor products. If you’re the outdoorsy type, these five Costco deals might just inspire you.

1. Mountain bike

Price: $439.99

The Diamondback Overdrive 27.5″ bike is built to ride on unpaved, off-road trails. Normally, the bike costs $549.99, but if you buy it on, you’ll get a discount of $110. According to reviews, the bike comes mostly put together, though you may need to do some minor assembly once it’s out of the box.

2. Travel hammock

Price: $19.99

The Hidden Wild Bugnet Travel Hammock comes in a carry bag, can be suspended on two tension lines, and has a fine net bug screen over top to protect you from mosquitoes and other creepy insects. The tension lines are attached by carabiners to two tree straps on both sides, which makes it super easy to assemble and disassemble. The hammock normally sells for $29.99, but if you buy it before April 19, 2024, you’ll get $10 off.

3. Folding camp cot

Price: $45.99

If you like the idea of camping, but hate the idea of sleeping on the ground, a folding camp cot could give you the feeling of a bed but with the sounds of the outdoors. This particular Hidden Wild XL Folding Camp Cot folds out and locks into place, thus requiring almost no setup. It can accommodate one person (maximum weight of 350 pounds) and fit in most two person tents. This cot would normally sell for $56.99, but you can get $11 off when you purchase it before the epic savings event ends.

4. Kids’ swing set

Price: $1,699

DIYers out there looking for an epic playset might want to get a load of this. The Backyard Discover Eagle’s Nest Elie Playset is a premium swing set with a 10-foot wave slide, a crow’s nest, a rock climbing wall, and a long swing beam that can fit three swings. You can save $700 (retail price: $2,399.99) when you purchase this playset on Costco’s website.

Buyer beware: You (or your buddies) have to assemble this yourself. You’ll receive five different boxes with 3D instructions for each box provided through the BILT app. If you’re up for a challenge, this could be a fun way to inaugurate summer for your kids.

5. Rooftop tent

Price: $1,599.99

Lastly, for those campers who really don’t want to be on the ground, the Trustmade Scout Max Black Hard Shell Beige Roof Top Tent with Roof Rack (say that a few times fast) is made for sleeping on top of your car. The price might make you do a head tilt, but it comes with some luxury features: a 7′ 6″ ladder, a built-in mattress (!), interior LED lights, mosquito nets on the sides, and a rain hood. It can also be conveniently stored on your roof racks, thus becoming operable when you park your car and assemble it. The rooftop tent usually sells for $1,799, but when you buy it online you get $200 off.

Again, these deals are available April 15 through April 19. But keep in mind Costco will have plenty more spring and summer sales. So, if these outdoor items don’t interest you, keep your eyes peeled for more great savings opportunities in the future.

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