Elon Musk’s X to stop allowing users to hide their blue checks

X will soon stop allowing users to hide their blue checkmarks, and some users are not happy.

Previously, a blue tick on Twitter was a mark of a notable account, providing some assurance to followers of the account’s authenticity. But then Elon Musk decided to start charging for the blue tick instead, and mayhem ensued as a wave of imposter accounts began jokingly posing as brands.

After that, paying for a blue checkmark began to attract derision, as non-paying users passed around a meme under blue-checked posts, saying, “This MF paid for Twitter.” To help spare paid subscribers this embarrassment, X began allowing users to hide their blue check last August, turning “hide your checkmark” into a feature of paid subscriptions.

However, earlier this month, X decided that hiding a checkmark would no longer be allowed, deleting the feature from its webpage detailing what comes with X Premium. An archive of X’s page shows that the language about how to hide your checkmark was removed after April 6, with X no longer promising to “continue to evolve this feature to make it better for you” but instead abruptly ending the perk.

X’s decision to stop hiding checkmarks came after the platform began gifting blue checkmarks to popular accounts. Back in April 2023, then-Twitter had awarded blue checks to celebrity accounts with more than a million followers. Last week, now-X doled out even more blue checks to accounts with over 2,500 paid verified followers. Now, accounts with more than 2,500 paid verified followers get Premium features for free, and accounts with more than 5,000 paid verified followers get Premium+.

You might think that X giving out freebies would be well-received, but Business Insider tech reporter Katie Notopoulos, one of many accounts suddenly gifted the blue check, summed up how many X users were feeling about the gifted tick by asking, “does it seem uncool?”

X doesn’t seem to care anymore if blue checks are seen as uncool, though. Anyone who doesn’t want the complimentary check can refuse it, and any paid subscriber upset about losing the ability to hide their checkmark can always just stop paying for Premium features.

According to X, anyone deciding to cancel their subscription over the loss of the “hide your checkmark” feature can expect the check to remain on their account “until the end of the subscription term you paid for, unless your account is suspended or the blue checkmark is otherwise removed by X for any reason.”

X could also suddenly remove a checkmark without refunding users in extreme circumstances.

“X reserves the right without notice to remove your blue checkmark at any time in its sole discretion without offering you a refund, including if you violate our Terms of Service or if your account is suspended,” X’s subscription page warns.

X Daily, an X news account, announced that the change was coming this week, gathering “meltdown reactions” from users who are upset that their blue checks will soon no longer be hidden.

“Let me hide my checkmark, I’m not a fucking bot,” a user called @4gntt posted, the complaint seemingly alluding to Musk’s claim that paid subscriptions are the only way to stop bots from overrunning X.

“Oh no,” another user, @jeremyphoward, posted. “I signed up to X Premium since it’s required for them to pay me… but now they [are] making the cringemark non-optional 🙁 Not sure if it’s worth it.”

It’s currently unclear when the “hide your checkmark” feature will stop working. Neither of those users criticizing X currently display a blue tick on their profile, suggesting that their checks are still hidden, but it’s also possible that some users immediately stopped paying in response to the policy change.


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